Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ashiya hike

Last Sunday Kyoko, Aki, Bea & Run, Lili I went hiking...direction Okamoto but then we took a shortcut. That was great, since there were NO people and our 3 babies could run freely and they did!! Not to say running like crazy hihihihi..

Thank you Kyoko!! Was great and Lili was super satisfied!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hiking in Haga

Last month Kyoko found a great place for a hike! The forest was full of leaves and there were no people!! Free!!!

Mao from Hawaii

In November Mao, Kyoko's friend, came to Japan and Kayo, Momo and Uri stayed with us.
We went for a nice dinner, thanks Aki!!! And after all 3 crashed on the sofa.
The next day a bit hiking and then I had to teach but Mao, Kyoko and Kayo enjoyed Kobe ....


Avo-chan seems to have so much fun, but after running up and down and up and down...

she does look a bit tired....

and who cares about me....:-(

Beagle Meeting

Last Beagle meeting in Sanda, Avo-chan joined us again hihi...Avo-chan is just too cute!! Wondering: hm what's the woman doing there????

Avo-chan was making friends very quickly, a woman over there , many Beagles over there fun fun fun!!

But what's this?? Momo!!! Always riding Bea......

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 3 with Avo-chan

This Sunday 6 Beagles went on a trip to Takedao.
We went for a long walk and Avo-chan tried to keep up with the others, but had a hard time. It was great exercise for her!! This whole weekend was one big boot-camp for Avo-chan. And finally she got tired and fell as sleep in the evening.

Unfortunately we can not keep her. The main reason is that Nico doesn't want two dogs and the second reason is that Lili doesn't like Avo,too.
Avo-chan is sooo cute and I am sure with time they could get along somehow....but...
Also; toilet training didn't work what so ever, since she has no interest in food or toys and I just don't know how else I can teach her not to pipi and pupu everywhere in the house. A garden would be very helpful.....
So today she is going back home....
Luckily for Avo-chan , she HAS a home with a big garden and 3 other dogs and 10 cats and an owner who loves her and will take care of her.

Hope we will have the chance to meet you again Avo-chan and sooo sorry yo can not stay with us. Yes, yes Lili!! Finally you can get YOUR sofa!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Avo -chan

Yesterday Avo-chan came for a 3 day trial period.
She is very cute and just 3 years old. But she has been living outside all her life and seems very restless here in our apartment. Since she is not toilet trained and is in heat I've decided she needs some diapers....fits perfectly.

She is a very active little one and never stops moving around!! Walking in the kitchen , living room, toilet, back to kitchen, bedroom, living room and and and until 3 am in the morning.WOW!! And she doesn't seem to get tired at all.
My guess is, she is very uncomfortable here and wants to go home, playing in the big garden.
The thing is, her mother rescued her from owners who didn't take care of her very well, but she already has 3 dogs and 10 cats and its just so much thought I might give her a new home here with Lili and us.

But hey!!! What's that!! LILI is not happy with Avo and constantly hiding from her. Oh no Lili.
You love all dogs! What happened, why not Avo???They already had two fights and avoid each other now....:-(
Hhhmmm...well its only been one day, so another 2 days to go. Hope Lili and Avo will become a little friendlier with each other!!!!! Please!!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Beagle Meeting

This summer's beagle meeting was in Bellapark! So just a 10min walk from us. There were more than 10 bealges and Lili was happy to meet them all after a long long time!

Noh and Lili were playing sooo cute. Noh is already 10 years old , but just as fit as all the others!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Run & Momo's B-day!

This summer we celebrated Run and Momo's birthday in Okayama, camping. It was great fun for the doggies! With birthday cake and lots of presents and living in the Beagle-tent-village hihihi...

We went for a long, beautiful walk along many tiny waterfalls, where our babies played and played and .....

Finally the best part of the day!! FOOD yummy!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


After 3 hours we reached the Ise Waterfall which was amazing and again we couldn't resist to jump in hihihi...

Miyata Kogen hiking

On the second day we went for a shorter walk, for about 4 hours. Started at 1660m up to 1900 m.

This place looks truly like Austria, clear fresh air with Cristal clear mountain water, where we all jumped in for a short swimm bbbbbrrrrrr......hihihi