Saturday, December 29, 2007


Merry Christmas!
I could meet all my 'sisters' again for Christmas this time. Unfortunately I got sick and was sleeping most of the time, only 3 days after the party I felt better and full of energy!!
So my mom and me went hiking a lot and TODAY I could smell an inoshishi! A real one this time, no cats...
BUT whats this? I am looking and looking- its not moving - and the men have some big knives...:-(
It turns out they kill about 70 inoshishis a year and then eat them all....Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Hiking to Okamoto

Today we climbed up the Rock Garden and walked to Okamoto. We were prepared for some inoshishi- with sticks and rocks! One man even warned my mom (strictly) that there are many and they will attack me....oh ooohhh! When we reached the top my mom suddenly screamed: "inoshishiiii"
but as we got closer it turned out to be a cute gray cat, 5 of them....but no wild boars! Not one actually!!

After about 2 hours we reached Okamoto and had lunch at this small, cute cafe. Then we walked back to Ashiya, it took about 40min and finally, finally FOOD!!! My too late breakfast yam!

Bella Park

I met a Doberman in Bella park, first I was really scared and let him ( and the whole neighborhood) know, by howling as loud as I could....but after a while Rits and me became good friends. He is 1 1/2years old and runs like Pluto (Walt Disney), too fast for me and too cute!

I also love his owner, who gave me a few delicious sweets, just like Aki does hihihi....

Monday, November 26, 2007

Dog sitting 24th+25th

After a long walk we went for a short visit to the dog run, but Bea just used this time for a nap....then we went on walking to a Coffee shop and after my mom bought us some presents from the flea market. A penguin for me and and a mushroom and the famous Winnie the Pooh for Bea& home Run and me had a last long fight in mom's bed!!!!

Dog sitting weekend

Sunday morning we had a cozy long sleep in the sun.
Then up to Bella Park and at noon to Rokko Island for a long walk.

Dog sitting 24th+25th

On Saturday after Bella Park, we got a nice massage from Nico and watched the birds and cats from the open window, while Bea was sleeping...and in the evening we went for a beautiful sunset on the beach and played with many, many dogs...that was really nice.

Dogrun Vienna part two

Let's enter...oh a Doberman..maybe I run around this one?! And another fenced kids playground, I LOVE this!!

Dogrun in Vienna part one

Welcome to by 'backyard' dog run, its huge and really cool. Everywhere are doggy pupu bags and we, dogs, can run freely around with NO fence! But here in Vienna, very different from Japan, the KIDS are inside the fence hihihi....

Saturday, November 24, 2007


We took the subway together. I had to be on leash, wear a muzzle and pay! Then we went to a nice romantic outside restaurant in front of the Volksoper and after for a drink in an outside bar in front of town hall. Boy did I get tired.....

Vienna Vienna

I thought Japan is are people and dogs from all over the world....AND horses , too!!

Finally a little break in a traditional restaurant, lucky I can come inside!!


Sightseeing in Vienna, what a long walk!! First along Wien Canal then Karlskirche, a church near my mom's apartment. Then the parliament and the Hofburg (an Empress palace). In front of the Hofburg I felt like a princess myself :-)
now I know where all the dogs are!!!!

Amusement park-Prater

This place scared me a little! There was a huge gorilla screaming at me!!

But luckily we went for big feast! A pig leg yammi...