Friday, May 15, 2009

Kittens in the garbage!!!!

About 2 weeks ago one of our neighbors found 3 kittens in a little box in the garbage...:-(
He couldn't let them there so he took them to a friend, Mrs. Yamasaki! She has been taking care of them and fed them from 100 g up to now 300 g!
They are all doing fine now and, thanks to Erika, they found a new owner in Kyoto who might take all 3!! Lucky, cute kittens!! Wish there would be more success stories like these in Japan.....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


On the first moring Kyoko lost her car key on the beach and we were looking for it but couldn't find it....finally Kazu was the lucky one who found the key!! But unfortunately Bea got sick!!!
During the search she start eating
lots of things on the beach,
maybe some 'yaki nikku' ?
with lots and lots of sand....and they had to
drive to the vet!
After all this action on the first day, we had a really relaxing, beautiful second day!!! Felt like being in Hawaii!!

Tango Hanto

This spring vacation, again, camping in Tango Hanto. We discovered a new beach which looked like in Koh Samui , Thailand....beautiful rock formations! But we only reached it after some difficult climbing...hihi
And again we had a lovely sunset.

Beagle Meeting April

Our last Beagle meeting was on April 5th in Sanda again. This time Lili had a small injury on her paw and was just standing around most of the time watching Run jumping (Agility) and Uri checking out the piggy...until finally she also did some agility hihihi....I only caught her from the back hm...!!