Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fukuoka trip4

Just next to the restaurant was a skateboard ramp where our babies ran up and down and up and down.....well not only them also Kayo did a really good job hihi

Fukuoka trip3

Luckily it rained only one day, so the other days it was like on a resort island, sooo beautiful!!
The last evening we had an outside BBQ with Kyoko's family, who are all so nice and fun!! Thank you Kyoko!!

Fukuoka trip2

On the way up to a Shrine, it rained harder and harder...and at the same time it got really hot, too.....which our babies didn't enjoy as much as we did! hihihi..

Fukuoka trip

We went on a 4 day-trip to Fukuoka to visit Kyoko's family and a psychic! hihihi...
On the first day we met her mom and had a healthy lunch, after that it started to rain just a little....so we decided to go hiking. But when we reached the forest it rained really hard...and the path was destroyed, so that Run needed a little help from mom, soooo cute!!

Every morning we went to a local beach near our cottage! There were no people and our babies had a great off leash time!!