Sunday, January 4, 2009


At the end of the year 2008, we went to Nara with Erica to make Mochi. A Japanese soft rice cake. The whole time Lili and the other dogs were waiting patiently for their share of Mochi....but it never came :-( sorry Lili!!

But at least Lili met a few cute dogs to play with!!

5.Christmas lunch

Kayo made a beautiful jade amulet for Lili's collar, and for me some earrings with aquamarine, thank you Kayo.

Our Christmas 2 years ago was in a German village in Okayama and this time it looked like a British village, very nice.
Can't wait for Christmas 2009!!!!
Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

4.Christmas hike

This hike was the best in a while! Amazing view and probably because of the rain no people! Great choice Kayo, thank you.

3.Colorful Christmas 2008

This time it was raining so our babies were all dressed colorfully for the long wonderful hike.

After dinner our babies relaxed and Lili took the smallest bed , since she is the biggest dog?? In the morning Run occupied the new hill in Momo and Uri's garden and didn't let anybody up there hihihi

2.Christmas 2008

Aki had a huge Christmas present for our babies hihihi
a cows tongue. Kyoko what happened to your tongue???!!! Lili was hiding with her treasure under the table again.

Momo as usual is on top of Bea...

When is my food ready?????? I can't wait!!!


This Christmas we were in Momo and Uri's house again. This time girls only! Kayo prepared an amazing doggy Christmas dinner and our babies could hardly wait....hihi

Kayo with Kyoko's help ( I didn't do much more than being in the way...) also prepared a healthy Christmas dinner for us.

This picture was a present from Nico to Kayo and she made a frame for it ON HER OWN!! Kayo you can do anything!! Can't you!

When we arrived (too late thanks to me...again!) it was already dark for our walk.