Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kumayama River

On Sunday we had a relaxing lunch at the river in Okayama. The water there was so warm and shallow that all 5 Beagles were swimming!! Congratulations all of you.....Lili was sooo tired after this boot camp exercise hiihi
Thank you all for this lovely day!

Takihata Waterfalls

Back at the beautiful waterfalls, this time Momo and Uri could join us. It was very beautiful and relaxing again, we walked for almost 3 house this time and again jumped in to cool down....thank you all!!

Takihata Waterfalls

Last Friday we all went to the waterfalls again. This time I tried to make video...I guess I still need more practice....hm

Nishi Akashi

This summer we have been to Nishi Akashi Beach almost every week and now that the summer vacation is over for most Japanese....the beach is empty again, but its still really hot here! Perfect for Lili!! No more attacking BBQ's, no more eating garbage...hihihi and finally free, off leash yeah!!

Lots of time to practice her surfing:-)

And relaxation time for us hhhmmm...