Monday, July 28, 2008


Recently its been soo hot and maybe that's the reason ? but I 've been forgetting my camera!! But Sunday, finally, I brought my camera. Congratulations Sosha hihihi...
this Sunday we had a beautiful BBQ party at Shoehey's house.

Lili had a friend there, her name was Momo, too!!And we had some live music. Erica's friend, is a true African dance performer and musician and singer. And thanks to her singing it felt so peacefully and romantic. Thank you!

In the evening we could enjoy the amazing view and Lili being a 'true' hunting dog (hihihi) caught her self 2 "Semi" for dinner yummy....????aaahhh

Monday, July 7, 2008


On Sunday we went to Mt.Shosha with Lili's favorite friends, Bea&Run and Momo&Uri.

This place is really beautiful and spiritual, no wonder they made "The last Samurai" here!!

Hiking in Himeji

Hiking up Mt.Shosha was a bit hard, not because it was a steep climb, but because it was too hot and humid! Nevertheless the view was great!! Can't wait to go again!!

Greenhill Cafe

After hiking up on Mt. Shosha, we had a late lunch at Greenhill Cafe.
There the 'boys' relaxed at the pool....:-) and
'all' the girls were playing around!!