Sunday, October 14, 2007


Dinner and lots of beer for my family....I was tired after the long day in the mountains so it was no problem to sit still under the table and wait for them to finish.


I am so happy only running around here but then I got another present. Another dog came along, yippee....of course I followed him and we played so much that I almost forgot about my mom...


My first day in the Austrian alps. Its so big and wild, my mom didn't want to let me free, but soon she changed her mind.I feel great, free!!!Like a springbok, jumping , running, limits!


Then for an adventure into the forest with my uncle...time to go to bed...

Natters, Tirol

Finally we reached Austria, home. As soon as we arrived everybody felt so relaxed, lying in the garden....but me; I quickly went for a long run behind the house, that was fun!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

at the lake

After meeting all those big cows I got a bit scared and jumped up the bench!! Finally save!! Later that day we went to the lake , my mom and her friends were swimming but it was too cold and deep for me....although I wanted to catch that cute looking duck....


After the cities, finally I get to run in the nature! We took a gondola up the mountain, boy that was scary for me and then on top I met some cows...they were too big!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Windowshopping in Rothenburg

Myriam and my mom's mom went from one souvenir shop to the other and I got a bit bored, so my mom took me for a walk through the ancient streets.


In Rothenburg we walked up on the wall, all around the city, then we met some horses, I was really scared and howled a lot and loud to let them know!! So my mom took me to an empty

Breakfast before the long drive

In the morning we had breakfast in some fancy pub in downtown Fankfurt, I tried to copy the other dogs and sat still under the table...that was hard! But then, on the road to Rothenburg I could run free in the fields yaehhh....finally we reached Rothenburg, a middle age city.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


After a long flight from Osaka, finally we arrived in Frankfurt, it was cloudy and cool and really refreshing to get out of the airplane. Myriam and a friend of my mom, picked us up at the airport and we could stay at her second apartment. I was running around while my mom and her mom and Myriam were talking non-stop....