Sunday, December 12, 2010


Today, we went up Shiroyama again after a pretty long time!
Lili looked so happy being back on 'her' mountain, 'her' territory....running around and taking all the short cuts...but again,
on the way down we DID meet one inoshishi (a really cute and small one) :-)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Morning walk

For the past 2 weeks, Lili keeps pulling me towards Old house each morning....I don't really want to go so much, since we meet
inoshishi's a lot!!!!aaahhhh BUT that doesn't stop her, she just runs up all excited, looking back to me from time to time saying:
'come on Sosha, not soo slow'!!! hihihihi

Rokko Island

Last Sunday , after our 'funny' Belly dance show....I met Kayo, Momo and Uri in Rokko Island. Kayo went to see some exhibition in Kobe so we went to for a nice walk around the island and on the way back a visit to the dog run! There we met a really active Beagle boy, he was soo cute!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kyoko's day with Pipi

On Thursday Kyoko was taking care of Pipi, unfortunately I had to work in the
afternoon so Lili met her sisters only in the morning in Bellapark....and of course
she loved it!! As always hhihihihi

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pu-chan weekend 3

All weekend long was perfect weather. On our last day
we had a short walk in the morning and then a long relaxing day.....everybody sitting, sleeping or just hanging out...I think our doggies spent too much energy in the mountains,
too much freedom hihiihihi....Lili slept for 24hours straight after this weekend!!!!! Super satisfaction!
Thanks so much again to Kayo and her whole family!!

Pu-chan weekend2

The second day we had fantastic weather again and Lili's big sisters arrived; Bea& Run ! Happy happy!!

Momo found an amazing path in the forest, maybe next time we can all explore it?

On the first evening Kayo's grandmother picked some fresh veggies from her fields for our dinner. They tasted so different much richer and way more delicious!!! No wonder she is in such good shape!!!:-)

And of course we had some happening again....hihihi as usual!!
Lili, Uri and Pipi ran off and only Pipi came back. Sakura looked so happy to have her back :-) and after a long wait Lili came back, too...but what happened to Uri??????
Finally, we found out she just ran back home , a shortcut over the mountain. What a clever Uri-chan!!!

Pu-chan weekend1

Last doggy meeting was at Kayo's grandmother's house near Tsuyama. We all really wanted to see Pu-chan again before the winter. Pu-chan and Kayo's grandmother looked really happy with us being there.

Kayo's papa did lots of cooking for us, thanks soooo much. Lili on the other side, became really wild and went into hunting mode a lot, meaning she was always full of dirt and messed up the house....sooooo sorry!!!!!