Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ashiya hike

Last Sunday Kyoko, Aki, Bea & Run, Lili I went hiking...direction Okamoto but then we took a shortcut. That was great, since there were NO people and our 3 babies could run freely and they did!! Not to say running like crazy hihihihi..

Thank you Kyoko!! Was great and Lili was super satisfied!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hiking in Haga

Last month Kyoko found a great place for a hike! The forest was full of leaves and there were no people!! Free!!!

Mao from Hawaii

In November Mao, Kyoko's friend, came to Japan and Kayo, Momo and Uri stayed with us.
We went for a nice dinner, thanks Aki!!! And after all 3 crashed on the sofa.
The next day a bit hiking and then I had to teach but Mao, Kyoko and Kayo enjoyed Kobe ....


Avo-chan seems to have so much fun, but after running up and down and up and down...

she does look a bit tired....

and who cares about me....:-(

Beagle Meeting

Last Beagle meeting in Sanda, Avo-chan joined us again hihi...Avo-chan is just too cute!! Wondering: hm what's the woman doing there????

Avo-chan was making friends very quickly, a woman over there , many Beagles over there fun fun fun!!

But what's this?? Momo!!! Always riding Bea......