Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tenkawa, Nara 4

We walked for 5 hours with a short lunch break at a resting area on the mountain. It felt so relaxing and peaceful!!! Thank you so much Kyoko and family!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tenkawa, Nara 3

In the evening of the first day we visited an old Onsen village, with lots of traditional houses. And during dinner our babies had a cozy nap in Kyoko's camping car.....

Tenkawa, Nara 2

Next morning, it was still pretty cold at our camping site, we had breakfast....or we tried, since our chairs were already occupied hihihi. And then we went for a nice hike. At the lower part of the mountain there was a lot of moss everywhere. It was truly beautiful!!!!

Tengawa, Nara 1

Last month Kyoko took us along, on a trip to Tenkawa, in Nara Prefecture. This place is famous for its beautiful, clean spring water and there are lots of sacred temples and mountains. On the way there, we stopped at an "eki no michi" resting place where Lili was jumping around full of joy to be reunited with Bea and Run again!! Then, arriving at the camping site, we went for a walk along the river. Some parts were quite difficult to walk and after Lili fell down some stairs (hihihi) Run didn't look so excited anymore....