Sunday, August 31, 2008

Beagle Meeting

This summer's beagle meeting was in Bellapark! So just a 10min walk from us. There were more than 10 bealges and Lili was happy to meet them all after a long long time!

Noh and Lili were playing sooo cute. Noh is already 10 years old , but just as fit as all the others!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Run & Momo's B-day!

This summer we celebrated Run and Momo's birthday in Okayama, camping. It was great fun for the doggies! With birthday cake and lots of presents and living in the Beagle-tent-village hihihi...

We went for a long, beautiful walk along many tiny waterfalls, where our babies played and played and .....

Finally the best part of the day!! FOOD yummy!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


After 3 hours we reached the Ise Waterfall which was amazing and again we couldn't resist to jump in hihihi...

Miyata Kogen hiking

On the second day we went for a shorter walk, for about 4 hours. Started at 1660m up to 1900 m.

This place looks truly like Austria, clear fresh air with Cristal clear mountain water, where we all jumped in for a short swimm bbbbbrrrrrr......hihihi

Ikeyama 1700m

First day we went hiking for 6 hours up to Mt. Ike.
It was very very hot that day and after 2 hours we were ready to give up, but luckily we found a waterfall to refresh!!

Miyata Kogen, Nagano

Our bedroom in Nagano,1660 meters high!! It was fantastic, nice and cool with 22 C daytime and 18C nighttime.

In the morning we felt like sleeping with angels above the clouds....