Saturday, April 2, 2011

Birthday hiking3

Well I have to correct myself, not all doggies wanted to eat hiihihihi Sakuras Pipi-chan had no interest in the cake (the other 3 were even happier!!!) and wanted to play play play....

Then were the presents :-)

Lili got an electrical thermometer and I got an ethnic pillow cover and some great cosmetic products from John Masters Organics. I love it!!! Thanks so much!!

This time Momo and Uri couldn't join us, since mama is working almost non-stop for a NGO group called AMDA to help the Tsunami victims in north east Japan. great job Kayo!!!!

Birthday hiking2

There were so many delicious things on the table that all 4 doggies wanted to check whats going on and WHEN they finally get some food hihihi....

There was a huge:-) but very delicious birthday cake for me and for our doggies!


Happy Birthday Lili and Bea and Sosha

Last Wednesday we went hiking for Lilis, Beas and my birthday. Kyoko and Sakura brought huge rucksacks and I was wondering if they are planning on going to Mt. Everest hihihi....but NO they packed a surprise picnic and lots of presents and carried it all the way up the mountain for ME!!!!!! WOW Thanks soooo much, what a lovely birthday picnic in the middle of the forest!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


....and in Bella park we met lots of old friends with a big welcome!!!

Last 2 weeks we have been going up the 'natural pool' a lot, maybe next time Pipi, Momo and Uri can join us? Its really nice up there with an amazing view!!


On Wednesday night Bea and Run came for a 3 day home stay again! Lili was very very happy, they haven't been here for a long time. Next day we went up the mountain at the 'natural pool' this time only to the second spring.

On both mornings all 3 'slept in' until 9!! Only to wake up and move to the living room, to sleep again in the sun we went on a late walk to Bella Park.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kannabe 6

Thanks for the lovely holidays....

Monday, January 10, 2011

Kannabe 5

On our last day it was warm and sunny again and the snow was getting softer and softer....

Kayo and I walked all the way up, where we had an amazing view!




Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kannabe 4

Night skiing was great, almost no people PLUS we were pretty drunk so ....lots of fun hihihihi

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lili crash....aaaahhh

In the night we went to the 'night' ski slope and Kayo and I had our first year 'pro wrestling match' in the snow over a 'dirty' matter hihihihi

And of course we visited a Shrine, as is the tradition in the Japanese New Year.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Kannabe 3

My camera got some kind of 'snow shock' and all picture were just white.Kazu was so kind and gave me his for the time being and Kayo tool a real cute shot of us. We have almost no pictures with all 3 of us, its always just Lili and her friends hiihi

Momo and Uri are gliding over the snow but Lili is falling in with her big weight each step hihihi gambate Lili!!

Kannabe 2

As I wrote before, this year was sooo much snow everywhere, but at the time we arrived it was really warm for just the 3 days that the snow stated to melt and became very heavy, hence very difficult to walk in. Especially for Lili and us , we are too heavy!!!hihihi