Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy Easter - dog cookies!

Happy Easter!
My mom made me some yummy Easter cookies!!
Hard-type for your doggy's teeth!!
No butter or oil added! Whole wheat and 100% Japanese beef and chicken shlurf,saba saba... (yodare tara tara in Japanese hihihi).....:-)
Why don't you try it?
200g minced beef
200g minced chicken
1 egg
600g whole-wheat flour
200g oat flakes
200ml water
that's it!!
Mix meat and egg in a big bowl. Mix flour and oat in a separate bowl.
Add flour-mix to the meat and than add water. Knead until not sticky anymore (use more flour if needed). Make any desirable shapes and bake for 1 hour (180C).

1 comment:

bearun said...

Thank you for the cookies!
Bea and Run are big fans of your cookies.
Their reactions are totally different from other cookies.
Why don't you open the Doggie's Bakery ??