Friday, September 12, 2008

Avo -chan

Yesterday Avo-chan came for a 3 day trial period.
She is very cute and just 3 years old. But she has been living outside all her life and seems very restless here in our apartment. Since she is not toilet trained and is in heat I've decided she needs some diapers....fits perfectly.

She is a very active little one and never stops moving around!! Walking in the kitchen , living room, toilet, back to kitchen, bedroom, living room and and and until 3 am in the morning.WOW!! And she doesn't seem to get tired at all.
My guess is, she is very uncomfortable here and wants to go home, playing in the big garden.
The thing is, her mother rescued her from owners who didn't take care of her very well, but she already has 3 dogs and 10 cats and its just so much thought I might give her a new home here with Lili and us.

But hey!!! What's that!! LILI is not happy with Avo and constantly hiding from her. Oh no Lili.
You love all dogs! What happened, why not Avo???They already had two fights and avoid each other now....:-(
Hhhmmm...well its only been one day, so another 2 days to go. Hope Lili and Avo will become a little friendlier with each other!!!!! Please!!!!

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