Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 3 with Avo-chan

This Sunday 6 Beagles went on a trip to Takedao.
We went for a long walk and Avo-chan tried to keep up with the others, but had a hard time. It was great exercise for her!! This whole weekend was one big boot-camp for Avo-chan. And finally she got tired and fell as sleep in the evening.

Unfortunately we can not keep her. The main reason is that Nico doesn't want two dogs and the second reason is that Lili doesn't like Avo,too.
Avo-chan is sooo cute and I am sure with time they could get along somehow....but...
Also; toilet training didn't work what so ever, since she has no interest in food or toys and I just don't know how else I can teach her not to pipi and pupu everywhere in the house. A garden would be very helpful.....
So today she is going back home....
Luckily for Avo-chan , she HAS a home with a big garden and 3 other dogs and 10 cats and an owner who loves her and will take care of her.

Hope we will have the chance to meet you again Avo-chan and sooo sorry yo can not stay with us. Yes, yes Lili!! Finally you can get YOUR sofa!!

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